What to consider when choosing plants?

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It is a good idea to plan your garden ahead of planting time. It may be helpful to make a sketch of your garden area indicating what types of plants you want as well as where they will be planted.

The following is a list of considerations when selecting plants:

  • Choose plants that have a desirable flower color and foliage.
  • Know the potential size of the plant in order to fit proportionally within the garden.
  • Select plants that bloom throughout the growing season.
  • Determine the amount of sunlight in the garden area and select plants that will thrive with that amount of light.
  • Select plants that will grow well in the soil condition of the garden area.
  • Look for healthy plants that appear vigorous.
  • Choose plants that all have the same water requirements.
  • Avoid rootbound plants
  • Avoid plants that have insects or diseases.
  • Keep in mind that some flower colors may not complement other flower colors.
  • Flowers of red, pink, blue, and purple are “cool” colors and will soften a garden. Flowers of orange and yellow are “hot” colors and will brighten a garden.