How and When Evergreens Should Be Pruned

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Cutting lower branches of coniferous evergreens should be avoided unless there is disease or the branches are dead. The removal of too many lower branches will make the evergreen appear to be top heavy. Once lower branches are removed, they will not fill in as the evergreen develops new growth from the tips of the branches.

Firs, Hemlocks, Pines and Spruces should be pruned after new growth. Arborvitae, Junipers and Yews should be pruned before new growth.

Firs, Hemlocks, Spruces and Yews need only be pruned to retain their natural shape.

Pines do not require pruning to maintain their appearance. To create a fuller Pine, cut the candles (new growth), before they harden, to half their length.

Juniper and Arborvitae should be pruned so the top branches do not overhang the lower branches. In doing this, the lower branches will receive as much sunlight as the upper branches.