How To Plant A Vertical Garden

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Vertical gardening is a great way to pacify your green thumb in small spaces. Vertical gardens are great not only for apartment balconies or small condo porches, but are quickly becoming popular for indoor use or decorating building facades.

Climbing plants are the simplest way to grow upward instead of outward. Ivy, vines, and climbing roses are easy to train by using trellises, ropes or even old wooden ladders. Just be sure to watch your vines. Some climbers quickly attach themselves to things like your gutters and can pull them away from the wall.

If you are looking other ideas to create your own vertical green space, here are some great suggestions for containers:

Hang old gutters along a fence or wall to create rows of gardening containers.

Cut multiple holes in the side of a large bucket or barrel. Fill the barrel with dirt and put different plants growing out of each hole.

A hanging shoe organizer has nice pockets for planting a small vegetable or herb garden. A magazine rack or spice rack would work as well.

Shutters work as a nice frame for plants with shallow roots.

Succulents can grow in picture frames. They are simple to care for and don’t need to be watered often. Just be sure to keep them in a sunny spot.