How do you clean garden tools properly?

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It’s important to keep your tools sharp and clean. If your tools are stored improperly they can become ineffective or potentially dangerous to you or your plants. Rust may develop on improperly cared for tools and can cause them to become dull. Fortunately, rust can be removed with sandpaper or with wire brushes. If the rust is really bad, soaking the tool in white vinegar can help to loosen the rust. Removing mud and dirt is easily done with soap and water, and occasionally using a scrub brush and alcohol-based cleaners helps to remove tree sap. If you use tools around diseased plants, make sure you wash or disinfect them with warm water with about a tablespoon of bleach to avoid spreading the disease. Another way to clean your tools and to protect them from rust is to have a bucket of sand mixed with oil, and simply run your tool through the sand oil mixture. Always store your tools dry and clean without any soap left on them to prevent damage to them. If you keep you keep your tools clean and sharp, they will last longer to help your garden prosper.

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