Deer Resistant Plants

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The following is a list of plants deer will tend to avoid. Please keep in mind that during a harsh season, deer may resort to eating these plants if nothing else is available:

Achillea Lupine Agapanthus Marigold Allium Mint Astilbe Oregano Baby’s Breath Oriental Poppy Bleeding Heart Ornamental Grasses Boxwood Pachysandra Coralbells Peony Coreopsis Periwinkle Daffodil Picea Dusty Miller Potentilla Echinacea Rosemary Ferns Rudbeckia Flax Russian Sage Forsythia Sage Foxglove Sedum Gas Plant Smoketree Gayfeather Snapdragon Globe Thistle Snow on the Mountain Hemlock Speedwell Honeysuckle Spirea Iris Thyme Juniper Viburnam Lady’s Mantle Wax Begonia Lamb’s Ear Yucca Lilac Zinnia Lilly of the Valley