Companion Planting Guide

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Companion planting is the process of planting specific plants together so a certain quality of one plant may be of benefit to another. The smell of a plant’s foliage or the taste of a plant may be all that is necessary to discourage some insects. Some plants make great companions in that they encourage insects for pollination, provide shelter or support, or they simply grow well together because their roots are at different levels. Some plants are great companions as they may “disguise” the legginess of other plants or they help cool the soil for plants that require cool roots.

In the perennial flower garden, chives planted under roses may reduce the occurrence of black spot as well as discourage aphids.

Indicated below are some companion plants for the vegetable garden:

PlantWhere to PlantBenefits


Near potatoes

Discourages Colorado potato beetle


Among potatoes and beans

Discourages Colorado potato beetle


Among lettuce and peas

Discourages aphids


Among lettuce and peas

Discourages aphids


Around grapes

Discourages Japanese beetles


Throughout garden

Deters aphids and cucumber beetles


Near asparagus

Discourages asparagus beetles


Throughout garden

Gophers do not like this plant


Near beans

Discourages Mexican bean beetles


Among cucumbers

Deters striped cucumber beetles