The Perfect Planting Partners: Discover What to Plant with Marigolds in Your Garden!

What to Plant Marigolds with in Your Garden

Marigolds are beautiful and vibrant flowers that can add a pop of color to any garden. Besides their aesthetic appeal, marigolds also offer several benefits for your garden, including repelling pests and attracting beneficial insects. If you’re wondering what plants go well with marigolds, this blog post will provide you with some great options to create a harmonious and visually pleasing garden.

Companion Plants for Marigolds

1. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes and marigold plants make an excellent gardening pair. The strong scent of marigolds deters nematodes, aphids, whiteflies, and other common tomato pests. Additionally, these vibrant blossoms attract pollinators that help ensure healthy tomato fruit production.

2. Cucumbers:

Cucumbers thrive when planted alongside marigold flowers due to their complementary growth habits. Similar to tomatoes, the fragrance of marigold acts as a natural repellent against cucumber beetles while luring bees for efficient pollination.

3. Melons:

Growing melons near marigold plants creates a beneficial environment by deterring harmful insects such as aphids or squash bugs while enticing essential pollinators like bees or butterflies.

Aesthetically Pleasing Combinations

Sunflowers + Marigolds:

  • The combination of tall sunflowers with the bright colors of marigold flowers creates an eye-catching display in any garden.
  • The contrasting heights add dimension and visual interest to your landscape design.

Zinnias + Marigolds:

  • Pairing zinnias, with their vibrant blooms, alongside marigolds creates a stunning and colorful garden bed.
  • The combination of different flower shapes and sizes adds diversity to your landscape while attracting a variety of pollinators.

Companion Herbs for Marigolds

1. Basil:

Planting basil near marigold flowers not only provides you with fresh herbs for culinary purposes but also strengthens the scent-based pest repellent properties of marigolds. Together, they can help deter mosquitoes, flies, aphids, and spider mites.

2. Rosemary:

Rosemary is another herb that pairs well with marigold plants. Its aromatic fragrance helps repel insects such as carrot flies or cabbage moths while enhancing the overall scent in your garden.

3. Chives:

Growing chives near marigold flowers can create a mutually beneficial environment where both plants thrive together. The strong odor emitted by chive leaves helps keep pests like aphids or Japanese beetles away from your precious blooms.

In Conclusion

To enhance the beauty and productivity of your garden, consider planting marigolds alongside compatible vegetables like tomatoes or cucumbers. You can also create visually stunning combinations using flowers such as sunflowers or zinnias. Additionally, companion herbs like basil, rosemary, or chives provide added benefits by repelling pests naturally and adding delightful scents to your outdoor space. By carefully selecting companion plants for your marigolds, you’ll enjoy an aesthetically pleasing garden that is both visually appealing and thriving with beneficial insects.