ACNH Rock Garden Guide: Crafting a Stunning and Serene Oasis

How to Make a Rock Garden in ACNH


If you’re an Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) enthusiast, you’ve most likely come across the trend of creating stunning rock gardens on your virtual island. These aesthetically pleasing areas can elevate your island’s beauty and become a focal point for visitors. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of making a rock garden in ACNH, enabling you to transform your island into a paradise.

Gathering Inspiration

Before diving into the creation process, it’s essential to gather inspiration for your rock garden design. Browse social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram dedicated to ACNH designs and take note of different styles that catch your eye. By finding inspiration, you’ll have a clearer vision when planning and executing your own unique rock garden.

Selecting an Ideal Location

Finding the perfect location for your rock garden is crucial. Look around your island for open spaces with enough room to accommodate multiple rocks without cluttering nearby structures or impeding walking paths. Once identified, prepare the area by removing any existing items or obstacles present.

Factors to Consider:

1. Accessibility: Ensure that villagers can easily access all parts of the rock garden.
2. Proximity: Choose an area close to other key attractions on your island.
3. Aesthetic Appeal: Consider surroundings such as waterfalls or flowers that will enhance the overall visual appeal.

Laying Out Your Design

Planning is vital before bringing rocks onto the scene! Visualize how you want rocks positioned within your designated area while keeping practicality in mind – remember that each player is limited to six rocks placed at once on their islands.

1. Create pathways using custom designs or in-game patterns leading up to and between each rock.
2. Utilize terraforming tools to shape your land and create spaces for rocks to sit naturally within the design.
3. Consider incorporating different heights and angles for a more dynamic composition.

Helpful Tip:

To ensure proper placement of rocks, leave enough space around each designated spot by marking boundaries with temporary placeholders like custom designs or patterns.

Moving Rocks

Once your layout is complete, it’s time to move the rocks into position. However, unlike other items in ACNH, you can’t simply pick up rocks and relocate them freely. Instead, follow these steps:

1. Prepare your island by removing any obstacles surrounding the rock locations.
2. Make sure you have an empty inventory before starting as hitting a rock will yield materials that need storage space.
3. Stand two tiles away from each rock’s desired final location while facing towards it.
4. Dig two holes behind yourself on the same row you’re standing using a shovel – this prevents you from being pushed back when hitting the rock repeatedly.
5. Hit the rock repeatedly with a shovel until all six hits are completed without interruption (the character must not recoil).
6. Repeat this process for each of your selected rocks until they are correctly positioned according to your design.

Completing Your Rock Garden

Now that all your rocks have found their perfect spots, it’s time to add those finishing touches:

1. Decorate around the area using flowers, shrubs, trees or other items that complement or highlight your theme.
2. Set up seating areas or small pathways connecting various parts of the garden to encourage exploration and relaxation.
3.Finally snap some screenshots at different angles during day and night showcasing how beautiful our creation turned out!

Final Thoughts

Creating a stunning rock garden in ACNH requires careful planning and execution but allows for endless creativity! Remember, patience is key during the rock relocation process. By following these steps and letting your imagination run wild, you’ll have a breathtaking rock garden that will impress both your in-game neighbors and real-life friends who visit your island. Enjoy the journey of transforming your virtual oasis into something truly remarkable!