Turkey Troubles? Discover Effective Ways to Keep Turkeys Out of Your Garden!

How to Keep Turkeys Out of Your Garden: Effective Strategies for a Turkey-Free Zone


Gardening can be a rewarding experience, but it can also become frustrating when your hard work is devoured by unwelcome visitors. One such nuisance in many regions are turkeys, notorious for their appetite for fresh greens and fruits. If you find yourself dealing with turkeys invading your garden, fear not! In this blog post, we will share some effective strategies to help keep turkeys out of your garden and protect your plants.

Determine the Motivation Behind Turkey Visits:

Understanding the Behavior of Turkeys:

Turkeys are attracted to gardens due to a combination of factors including the availability of food sources like insects, small animals, seeds, and fruit-bearing plants. Additionally, they may be drawn to open spaces where they feel safe from predators.

Evaluate Your Surroundings:

Take note of any specific features or attractants within or around your garden that might invite turkey visits. This could include mulch piles attracting bugs or low-hanging fruit that entices them closer.

Create an Uninviting Environment:

Fencing as a Deterrent:

The first line of defense against turkey intrusion is installing sturdy fencing around your garden area. Opt for high fences (at least 6 feet tall) made from materials like wire mesh or solid wood boards which prevent easy access for these birds.

Motion-Activated Devices:

To deter turkeys from entering your garden space altogether, consider utilizing motion-activated deterrents such as sprinklers or noise-making devices. These serve as unexpected disturbances which will discourage frequent visits.

Make Your Garden Less Attractive:

Cover or Net Plants:

To protect specific plants from being devoured by turkeys, cover them with netting or row covers. This physical barrier will make it difficult for the birds to access their favorite delicacies.

Remove Food Sources:

Turkeys are resourceful foragers, so eliminating potential food sources can discourage their presence. Regularly clean up fallen fruits and seeds around your garden, reducing temptation and making it less appealing to these feathered creatures.

Safety Measures for Turkey Encounters:

Avoid Confrontations:

If you come face-to-face with a turkey in your garden, remember that they can become aggressive when feeling threatened. Maintain a safe distance and avoid direct confrontation to prevent any harm to yourself or the bird.

Contact Local Authorities:

If your turkey problem becomes persistent and poses a safety concern, reach out to local wildlife authorities who may provide guidance on legal options for deterring or relocating turkeys if necessary.


Gardening is an enjoyable activity that should not be ruined by pesky turkeys feasting on your hard work. By implementing some of the strategies discussed above – creating an uninviting environment, making your garden less attractive, and taking appropriate safety measures – you can successfully keep turkeys out of your beloved garden while safeguarding both plants and yourselves from unnecessary conflicts.