Snake-Proof Your Garden: Effective Techniques to Keep Garden Snakes Away

How to Keep Garden Snakes Away: A Complete Guide

The Importance of Keeping Garden Snakes at Bay

Garden snakes, although harmless to humans, can be a nuisance when they start invading your peaceful outdoor space. Not only do they frighten some people, but they may also disrupt the ecosystem balance by preying on beneficial insects and small animals in your garden. If you’re looking for effective ways to keep these slithering creatures away from your garden, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Remove Their Attractive Environment

Snakes are attracted to places that provide them with shelter and food sources. By eliminating their ideal habitats, you’ll reduce their chances of staying in or returning to your garden.

Clear Clutter:

Remove any piles of debris such as woodpiles or leaf heaps where snakes could hide or nest.

Mow Your Lawn Frequently:

Keeping the grass short reduces hiding spots for snakes and makes it less appealing for them.

Tidy Up Vegetation:

Trim bushes, shrubs, and low-hanging branches near the ground level as these provide excellent hiding spots.

2. Secure Your Perimeter

Preventing snakes from entering your garden is crucial in snake-proofing your outdoor space effectively.


Install a sturdy fence around your property using hardware cloth with mesh openings no larger than ¼ inch. Ensure that it extends partially underground (at least 6 inches) to discourage burrowing attempts by sneaky reptiles.


Regularly inspect and repair any gaps or cracks in fences, walls, or foundations through which snakes might squeeze through.

3. Reduce Food Sources

Snakes follow their prey into your garden. Minimizing available food sources will make your garden less appealing to them.

Pest Control:

Implement effective pest control measures to reduce the population of rodents, insects, and other small creatures that snakes feed on.

Secure Trash Cans:

Avoid leaving uncovered trash cans or pet food outside, as these can attract both pests and their predators.

4. Utilize Natural Repellents

Certain scents and plants can act as natural repellents for snakes, helping to deter them from your garden boundary.


Place mothballs around the perimeter of your garden or in areas where you suspect snake activity. The strong odor repels snakes but be cautious with pets and children’s access to them.

Essential Oils:

Spray a mixture of essential oils such as cedarwood, clove, cinnamon, or eucalyptus diluted in water along fences or entry points where snakes are likely to approach. Renew the spray after rain.

5. Make Use of Physical Barriers

Snake-Proof Netting:

Cover specific vulnerable areas like gaps in fences or underneath elevated structures with fine-meshed netting designed specifically for snake exclusion purposes.

6. Create Vibrations & Noise

Vibrating Devices:

Install vibrating devices powered by solar energy near key entry points; they emit ground vibrations that mimic larger animals approaching which may scare off snakes.

In Conclusion

By following these tips on how to keep garden snakes away effectively, you’ll create an environment that discourages their presence while maintaining a beautiful outdoor space without worries about encountering unwanted reptilian visitors. Remember: prevention is key!