The Ultimate Guide to Creating Potent Compost in Conan Exiles: Expert Tips and Techniques Revealed!

How to Make Potent Compost in Conan Exiles

The Importance of Potent Compost

Compost plays a vital role in Conan Exiles, providing the necessary nutrients for your crops to thrive. But not just any compost will do – you’ll want potent compost that guarantees bountiful harvests. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create potent compost and help your garden flourish.

Gathering Raw Materials

To get started, you’ll need two essential ingredients: plant fiber and rotten meat. These materials can be acquired by harvesting plants or killing animals respectively. Ensure you have enough of each before proceeding with the next step.

Crafting a Compost Heap

Now that you have your raw materials ready, it’s time to craft a compost heap where these ingredients can mix and decompose over time. Open your crafting menu and search for “compost heap.” Once located, gather the necessary resources and place them in proximity to one another.


  • Select an appropriate location for your compost heap – preferably near a water source as moisture aids decomposition.
  • Avoid placing it too close to other structures or potential hazards as it may hinder efficiency or invite unwanted attention from enemies.
  • If possible, consider building walls around the area to protect it from outside interference while allowing airflow.

Mixing Ingredients & Accelerating Decomposition

With your compost heap set up, it’s time to mix the raw materials together for decomposition. Interact with the compost heap interface (E key) and combine equal amounts of plant fiber and rotten meat by dragging them into their respective slots within the interface.


  • Ensure you have enough plant fiber and rotten meat to keep the compost heap active. Adding new materials will speed up the decomposition process, so always aim for a balanced mix.
  • If you have access to pestle and mortar or other similar tools, consider grinding down excess plant fiber into compost material for increased efficiency.

Once your materials are mixed, close the interface and let time take its course. The compost heap will slowly transform these ingredients into potent compost, but be patient as this process may take some time.

Caring for Your Compost Heap

While waiting for your potent compost to form, remember that maintaining proper conditions can significantly impact its quality. Here are some tips on caring for your compost heap:

Adequate Moisture:

Keep an eye on moisture levels within the pile by periodically adding water using a waterskin or other containers. Avoid letting it dry out completely or become overly saturated – balance is key!


To ensure optimal decomposition rates, occasionally turn over the contents of your compost heap with a shovel or other appropriate tools. This promotes airflow and prevents stagnation.

Pest Control:

Beware of any creatures that may try to feast upon your precious organic matter! Keep enemies at bay by constructing fences around the area or setting up traps nearby if necessary.

The Harvesting Process

After several in-game days (time varies according to server settings), revisit your fully decomposed compost heap to claim your reward – potent compost! Interact with it and collect as much as needed before embarking on agricultural ventures.

Enjoy observing how this nutrient-rich substance enhances your crop growth and grants you a bountiful harvest in Conan Exiles!


Potent compost is the lifeblood of any thriving garden in Conan Exiles. By following these steps, gathering the necessary ingredients, setting up a proper compost heap, and providing adequate care, you’ll soon reap the benefits of nutrient-rich soil. So go forth and experiment with various crops to create an oasis amidst the harsh landscapes of this unforgiving world.